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Egg Sandwiches                                                                                          
 *on choice of Bagel, English muffin, Croissant, white or wheat toast  
The Classic                                                         
   2 eggs scrambled, bacon & cheese (ham also available).    4.39
The Westerner
   2 eggs scrambled, bacon, cheese, Pico De Gallo.     4.39
The Slider
   2 eggs over hard, bacon & cheese (ham also available).     4.39
The Signature Breakfast                        Specialty Wraps                     
The Original Platter                                        The Healthy Hermit
   3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 strips           Wheat Tortilla wrap, 3 egg whites, baby
    of bacon & choice of breads.     4.99             swiss cheese, roma tomatoes, sundried
The Homerun                                                 tomatoes, avocado & baby spinach.
   3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 strips,          Served with side of Fruit.   5.99
   Of bacon, 1 piece of toast and a waffle.     5.99                                                  
The South beach                                             The Fiesta Wrap
   Egg white quiche with fresh cut                       Wheat Tortilla wrap, 3 eggs, bacon,
    fruit side on the side.     3.49                       cheese, cilantro, Pico De Gallo. Baked
The Bikini                                                       and melted together. Side of fruit. 5.99
    Sliced Tomato, baby Swiss cheese, Chives.        
    Baked on a half a whole wheat bagel.     2.99
Yogurt Bliss
   Freshly made wholesome low fat vanilla
  yogurt fruit granola bowl.    5.49
Belgum Waffles                                                                                              
The Original Waffle                                      Waffles and Bacon
Butter and syrup     2.99                               The original with 3 strips of bacon.  5.99
Fruit Waffle                                                                The Blues
All fresh cut Fruit (Banana, Strawberries,          Real Blueberries in and on top,   Blueberries) butter, syrup & whip cream. 4.99    with whip cream, butter & syrup.     4.99
Chocolate Chips                                                          Pecan Waffle   
Baked inside the waffle with whip cream. 4.99   Baked inside with bananas on top. 4 .99
The Happy Italian                                               The Sunshine Omelet
3 eggs, black olives, onions, sundried tomatoes,    3 egg whites, sundried tomatoes, spinach, Mozzarella cheese. Wheat or white toast.  Feta cheese, baby swiss, avocado.    Wheat or white toast  5.99                                   Wheat or white toast. 5.99
The Denver Omelete                                                          The Fiesta Omelet
3 eggs, Honey Spiral Ham, Green Bell Pepper,         3 eggs, pico DeGallo, Cilanto,
Onion, Aged Cheddar. 5.99                                   Bacon, mixed cheeses. 5.99